League of Legends

MetaBiscuit Case Study

Client Overview

MetaBiscuit is a mobile application that allows users to engage with live events. Right now they are focused on mainstream television (they have worked with The Bachelorette and Big Brother), but they were looking to get more involved with gaming.


One of the benefits of eSports is that the majority of the audience is reached via digital channels. This provides opportunities for advertising and sponsorship impact analyses that are not readily available with traditional sports. At Streamweaver we focus very heavily on using our technology to develop new ways to measure the impact that brands receive through gaming and eSports related media.

Campaign Details


To promote their new mobile application, Meta Biscuit enlisted the help of Streamweaver to help them get their app into the hands of hundreds of players. Streamweaver knew right away that Twitch streamers were the perfect influencers with which to promote their new mobile app. They began by engaging with their network of streamers that were most interested in working with Meta Biscuit. After a short period, they found the perfect influencer.


Meta Biscuit used Streamweaver to and influencers who were the perfect fit for their brand. They were looking for an influencer who play LoL (League of Legends), had a small but loyal fan base, and had a creative way to promote their brand. After a short period, N3ac3y stood out from the pack. With Streamweaver’s hands on approach, we helped both parties navigate the negotiation process making sure they both felt like they were getting adequate compensation. Additionally, we helped facilitate all aspects of communication, the scope of work, contracts, payment, FTC guidelines, and analytics.

Survey Says:

Client Results

  • Total engagement on Twitch peaked right after the instance of product placement.
  • The Meta Biscuit App received 100+ unique downloads.
  • 32% of the audience that heard the sponsored content became daily active users.
  • They saw a 345% increase in web traffic.